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Harmony Ministries

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Learn about Harmony Ministries

At a young age, Wendy discovered that her insecurities around her learning disabilities fell away when she drank. Too quickly, alcohol led her to drugs and swept her into a bad crowd.

But when Wendy hit rock bottom, she found Harmony House—a gentle, safe, and supportive environment for women who are dealing with the aftermath of abuse and recovery from addictions. There isn’t a cure for most mental health issues, but there is a way of having a better quality of life. We help move them towards that better life and teach them life skills as well.

“They helped me become a person again when I was just an empty, empty shell,” Wendy says. She lives on her own now, and every day she puts into practice the things she has learned.

If Harmony House didn’t exist, the women we care for would die. One of these women could be your sister, your daughter, your mom, your aunt, or your neighbour. These women are part of our society and they are our responsibility.

Learn about our Outreach Program

Joanne Mckenzie, one of our outreach workers, works with people who are struggling to survive on the street. She drives around in our outreach van and engages with people where they’re at, feeding them and finding out what their needs are.

The stories that Joanne hears as she connects with these people is heartbreaking. There is not enough space for the amount of people we need to house, but Joanne remains hopeful. Some people refuse help, but she doesn’t give up hope that one day she’ll be able to greet them as they walk through the Mission’s doors. She lets them know what the Mission offers, and what we can do if they choose to stay.

Joanne refers to the friends she makes on the street as “my people” because she feels like they are family. “If we can help them and work together as a community then I feel that we can put a dent in the homelessness in Kelowna so that they can get the help that they need,” she says.

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