5 Real Stories of Homelessness

Get a Glimpse into the Hidden World of Homelessness in Kelowna

So often people living on the streets feel invisible. Avoided. Unseen and unheard. Our new FREE eBook aims to change that. You’ll hear stories directly from five people who have faced homelessness during one of Kelowna’s worst housing crises in history.

And you won’t believe what they’ve overcome... With knowledge comes power. In your free eBook you’ll also learn 4 key strategies to advocate for homeless people in your community.

“When you live outside, winter nights are freezing, and no matter what you do, you can’t get warm. You never feel safe and you have to sleep with one eye open.” —Leah

“It was such a relief—not just to have a bed but to have all the necessities of life: showers, washrooms, laundry, and food. The highlight of my day was checking the menu to find my favourite meals. It was really nice to have something to look forward to after being without a home.” —Dave

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