More Ways to Give

corporate sponsorship

Please take a moment to learn about a couple of our flagship programs, and get in touch so we can discuss the creation of a corporate sponsorship package that best suits your interests. Your sponsorship will change lives!

major giving

Thank you for considering giving a gift over $2,000 please contact Mike at to make an arrangement or consider these other ways of giving.


A gift of appreciated property is highly valuable and generous, and includes contributions such as stocks, mutual funds and real estate. Special tax considerations can be available for these types of gifts.


A Gift Annuity is an arrangement where you make a contribution to a charity and receive, in return, guaranteed payments for life, or for a pre-determined number of years, no matter what happens to the economy or interest rates. Your gift annuity gives you a special bonus at tax time because sizeable portions of your payments are tax-free.

deferred gifts

If you pass away with a valid Will, you have the privilege of choosing the recipients of what you own. Once family is taken care of, you may want to consider making a bequest to charities that you have supported during your lifetime. You can either make a straightforward designation or a residual gift.

life insurance

When it comes to donating Life Insurance, you can give a paid-up policy that you own but no longer need, or assign a policy that you are currently making payments on. Premiums paid on a life insurance policy that has been donated to charity are tax-deductible.

residual interest

Another option is giving a gift of residual interest with retained life use. These types of gifts usually involve your principal residence or other personal use real estate, allowing your continued use and enjoyment of the gifted property for the rest of your life.

charitable remainder trust

You may have an asset — either invested cash, securities or real estate — that you would like to become your gift to Kelowna’s Gospel Mission, but for now you need the income it provides. In addition to tax advantages, placing the property in trust frees you from the management responsibility and removes the property from your estate, guaranteeing your privacy.

If you are interested in learning more about any of these options, please contact Mike at