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About Us

A few students from Okanagan Bible School offered coffee and conversation to visitors at the Kelowna City Park. By 1985, those students opened a drop-in centre, then a soup kitchen, an emergency shelter, and a thrift store.

Since then, we have grown to be one of the Central Okanagan’s largest service organizations dedicating to addressing homelessness in all its facets. We remain unshakeable in our hope.


To feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, and help the hurting.

How do we do it? By aiding all people and ministering to their whole self of spirit, soul, and body, all while demonstrating the radical love of Jesus Christ.


A community of people being made whole.

Our vision is to serve the community in innovative, effective ways that focus on the whole person, while being the leading voice and advocate for the unhoused. We include the word ‘being’ in our vision because we recognize that no one ever ‘arrives’. Everyone is on a journey towards being better than they were the day before, including us.



We build authentic relationships through compassion, demonstrating the redemptive love that Jesus Christ first showed us.


Every interaction we step into is based on respect, no matter your choices, lifestyle, or circumstances, we place equal value on all people.


We’re a community leader that operates with integrity, striving to do the right thing in all situations.


We serve to provide holistic and restorative services that lead to lasting, transformational change.


We’re all about second chances. We recognize that everyone is on a journey and that success looks different for each.

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