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Meet the Team

The team at Kelowna’s Gospel mission that carry out these programs are a diverse group of individuals who consider this work to be more than an occupation- it’s a calling.

Each staff member and volunteer have a story that led them to do this difficult yet rewarding work. Our team members are resilient, compassionate and have extraordinary skills and emotional intelligence.

We are devoted to restoring broken relationships through Biblical, ethical, and professional accountability.

We are fortified by our faith and resolute in our action. To meet homelessness head-on, we adapt our practices, learn new approaches and bring in new resources.

We are confident and grounded in the daily reality that our work is difficult but necessary.

The Board

  • Wendy Thiessen headshot

    Wendy Thiessen

    Vice Chair
  • Robert Bruce headshot

    Robert Bruce

  • Marshal Peters headshot

    Marshal Peters

  • Jennifer Jackson headshot

    Jennifer Jackson

  • Brad Klassen headshot

    Brad Klassen

  • Phil Wagler headshot

    Phil Wagler

    Board Member
  • Jeremy Fedderson headshot

    Jeremy Fedderson

    Board Member

The Team

  • Carmen Rempel headshot

    Carmen Rempel

    Executive Director
  • Troy Mcknight headshot

    Troy Mcknight

    Director Resource Development
  • Ari Mendoza headshot

    Ari Mendoza

    Director of Building Operations and Planning
  • Nancy Tordiffe headshot

    Nancy Tordiffe

    Director Harmony House