Our Services

Our goal is to create an experience of safety, physical and spiritual health and forward momentum for our guests.


Gateway is often the first point of contact with community members. Here, each person receives physical, spiritual and emotional care. The warm, safe environment has a home-like structure. Along with nutritious meals, guests are given access to showers, personal care items, free haircuts, and laundry. Things many take for granted can bring dignity and confidence to those in need. The opportunity to meet with Case Workers and create Life Plans is also available so that guests can take their next step.


Because of so many varying needs, Kelowna Gospel Mission offers a wide range of services daily. No matter where someone is at, they can make a move towards changing their lives. Through long-term relationships of trust, our community members gradually achieve stability and momentum towards positive change.

emergency shelter

We have a men’s emergency shelter that offers open-armed security. The shelter is accessible every day of the year, with additional emergency overflow accommodations. All guests have access to showers, laundry and hygiene items, as well as three hot and nutritious meals every day.

case management

Our caseworker services are not just referrals to a list of other services. Trained Caseworkers have a passion to provide concrete help, so assessments are personal and thorough. Our intuitive system removes barriers. Caseworkers attend appointments along with community members and help make connections for assistance, housing, and employment. We walk alongside individuals to meet their unique needs.

thrift store

Kelowna’s Gospel Mission’s Thrift Stores creates job and volunteer opportunities, fosters community and purpose, and provides hope to those who are restarting their lives by making goods more accessible. It is also an avenue of empowerment and dignity, in that people who have been downtrodden have the chance to feel pride in purchasing their own items with their own hard-earned money. It is also another way for us to make a little extra income to put towards our programs.

Our Thrift Stores have an ever-changing assortment of quality furniture and appliances, as well as clothing, bedding, linens, kitchen and other household items.

Our Kelowna Thrift Store is located at 125 Roxby Road
We’re open Tuesday -Saturday 10am to 5pm. Call 778-753-2210
For information about donating during COVID-19, or to inquire about our pick up and delivery services, please call 778-753-2210 or email us at thrift@kelownagospelmission.ca



dental clinic

For many who are without extended health care, going to the dentist is out of the question. Our dental clinic focuses on those who are experiencing dental pain or infection and cannot afford treatment. We provide low-cost services to low-income individuals, families, seniors, those on income assistance or disability. If dental problems are left untreated, they can escalate into problems affecting overall well-being. Our dental clinic is yet another way we ensure that our community is taken care of.

In our state-of-the-art facility, we are staffed by fully licensed dental practitioners who are dedicated to increasing overall health and positive outlooks, through their work.

Open Monday thru Thursday from 8am to 4pm
For an appointment call 778-738-3636 and leave a message.  We will require your BC care card number and most recent tax assessment (line 150 of your notice of assessment) or proof of income (3 months bank statements) and proof of address – ie: a piece of mail to qualify your eligibility.

women’s resources

Harmony House and Shiloh House — established in 1995 and 2006, respectively — are together the foundation of Harmony Ministries, our program directed at the particular recovery needs of women in crisis and their transition to more independent lives. As of December 2019 we added a third house, Selah House, as affordable long term housing for women on limited income.

As always at Kelowna’s Gospel Mission, our vision is to guide away from cycles of poverty and addiction, and towards wholeness. Because many of the women that come to the Mission are dealing with spousal abuse, it is critical to have a safe place for them to be among only other women going through similar experiences. These three houses are also staffed with female workers only.

Some of the tools we offer, in our recovery program include Wellness Plans, weekly exercise programs, counselling, conflict resolution, and Bible studies. We support those dealing with mental health as well as addiction issues.

Read about whether Harmony House is for you.

Click here to download the Harmony and Shiloh House Application

Click here to download the Selah House Application

The current cost for Harmony House is around $55 per day.

Learn more about our resources for women, then scan and email your application to nancy@kelownagospelmission.ca.

Because of our wide array of services, we also have great need for helping hands.

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