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2019 – February

A Message from Randy

Donors like you have made an incredible impact for people in need this past year. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, people in need are being housed and having their needs met.

Our 8th annual fundraising walk and run—Strides to End Homelessness—will take place on March 2nd. I will be walking with my church family at Powers Creek Community Church to raise funds for life-saving programs. You’re invited to join!

I’m also looking forward to lifting spirits this Easter by serving delicious, hot and comforting dinners to those in need.

None of this would be possible without support like yours. And with your help, we can reach even more people in Kelowna experiencing great need.

Please read on to enjoy the stories of hope and healing, including Lisa’s story, shared in this newsletter.

Thank you for your life-changing support.


  • Randy Benson Executive Director

Lisa’s Story of Transformation

Harmony House made all the difference in my life. I’m Lisa. I want to share with you how I came to Harmony House and how its programs and staff helped me.

I spent most of my life on Vancouver Island. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what caused me to hit rock bottom. It’s never easy to tell. Event followed by event, like a chain of dominos… each knocking down the next.

I can tell you that I found myself in a terrible relationship. Although I was afraid to leave, I rallied my courage and ended the relationship.

After leaving my toxic relationship, I made the journey from Vancouver to Kelowna. Living in Kelowna allowed me to be closer to my family. Thankfully, my son told me about Harmony House: a faith-based, sober home for women in Kelowna.

“At Harmony House, I learned how to live in community. I discovered…it’s okay if things take a turn for the unexpected. I learned in order to move forward, sometimes I have to let go.”—Lisa

I took a chance and contacted the director of Harmony House to see if they had room for me. I’m so grateful that their answer was yes. At Harmony House, I was given the support I needed.

Harmony House doesn’t have maximum stay deadlines. That meant that no one was rushing me to leave. I could stay at Harmony House until I was whole, until I could support myself on my own. They offered me a secure and loving community.

I loved going to the Easter dinner, hosted by Kelowna’s Gospel Mission.

I will never forget the rich, comforting aromas of roasted turkey, savoury gravy and buttery mashed potatoes. Surrounded by compassionate hearts and friendly faces, I remember the warmth that comes from acceptance and generous hearts.

At Harmony House, I learned how to live in community. I discovered it’s important to ask before doing something that might affect others, and that it’s okay if things take a turn for the unexpected. I learned in order to move forward, sometimes I have to let go.

Harmony House helped me to find my confidence. At the home, everyone calls me Miss Fix-It because I became the resident expert on recycling and repurposing.

Today, Harmony House has empowered me to run my own cleaning business. I also work as a companion for elderly people. They’re so generous with me, sharing wisdom and welcoming me like family.

I’m grateful to the staff at Harmony House for their love and support. They changed my life. I may be moving on, but I’m taking Harmony with me in my heart.

Sponsor John Jansen Makes a Difference

Support from monthly donors allows us to fund life-changing programs and respond to immediate needs. Did you know that becoming a monthly donor is easy?

John Jansen serves on the Kelowna’s Gospel Mission board and has been a generous sponsor for years.

John, President and CEO of Wishbone Site Furnishings, has faithfully sponsored Strides to End Homelessness for the past four years, and will be the presenting sponsor again in 2019.

We want to thank John for his incredibly generous support, changing lives for the better.

When you sign up to become a monthly donor, you’re helping to bring lasting change to people in need in Kelowna.

Cultivating Student Compassion

At Aberdeen Hall, we cultivate compassion and empathy in our students for people who are struggling with homelessness.

We do this by hosting fundraising games with students to raise money for Kelowna’s Gospel Mission. We also take Grade 8 students on a tour of Kelowna’s Gospel Mission.

The tour can be uncomfortable for students, but it’s incredibly eye-opening. Back in the classroom, students are inspired to connect concepts with experience, and they consistently donate more to school fundraisers.

We look forward to continuing our support for Kelowna’s Gospel Mission.

—Kristy McElroy, Teacher

Consider donating today.