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2019 – July

A Special Letter from Randy

Summer can be a time when our lives are busier than normal. There are barbeques, holidays and warm-weather activities to enjoy. Support drops during the summer but the need does not, which is why I want to thank you in advance for your continued generosity this summer.

Your gifts help people struggling from all walks of life. At Kelowna’s Gospel Mission, we serve people whose lives have led them to us for a wide variety of reasons.

Each person has a different story. In this newsletter, you’ll get to hear Danny’s story, and see how bad luck can affect anyone.

If you’d like to get involved this summer, you’re invited to join us at City Park, behind the waterpark, on Saturday, August 3rd for Homelessness is No Picnic. Or, you can meet us on the green at our Annual Charity Golf Classic on Friday, September 6th.

I’d like to thank you for your compassionate support. Your generosity makes everything we do possible.


  • Randy Benson Executive Director

Rebuilding After the Storm

My name is Danny, and I’ve lived with clinical depression for most of my life. I first walked through the welcoming doors at Kelowna’s Gospel Mission 15 years ago.

At the time, my depression made it impossible for me to support myself. I was penniless, and I had nowhere to go. Thankfully, I’d heard Kelowna’s Gospel Mission could help.

They gave me everything from food to eat and a safe place to sleep to access to showers and spiritual care.

I’ve had a lot of struggles, but Kelowna’s Gospel Mission has always been there to help me when I didn’t have anyone else. I honestly don’t know where I would be without them.

This past December, I learned of my wife’s passing. I remember a sinking sensation and feeling both raw and numb at the same time.

Losing someone you love is heartbreaking, and I’ve never felt more alone. I’m glad I was at Kelowna’s Gospel Mission when I was given the tragic news. One staff member, Kelan, didn’t hesitate. He embraced me and kissed my forehead, saying, “I love you. You’re going to get through this. Everything is going to be okay.”

They went above and beyond to make sure I got the help I needed. Their caring support helped me through the worst of my heartbreak and devastation.

Today, I’m living in my own place, thanks to Terra  at Kelowna’s Gospel Mission. Growing up, I missed out on learning some practical life skills, so Terra arranged for someone from BC Housing to teach me basic culinary and organizational skills.

“I’ve always felt accepted at Kelowna’s Gospel Mission. They care for people, no matter who they are.” – Danny

Many people think everyone who’s homeless is also an addict. Sure, that may be true for some, but it’s definitely not true for everyone without a home.

I wasn’t at Kelowna’s Gospel Mission because I was an addict or an alcoholic. I was there because I have a mental illness.

I don’t know what I would do without Kelowna’s Gospel Mission. They’ve helped me rebuild after life’s storms in so many ways. That’s the truth. I haven’t felt loved like that for decades.

Kelowna’s Gospel Mission is deeply important for people who are having a hard time getting by in Kelowna. Thank you for giving so that Kelowna’s Gospel Mission can be active, helping people like me. Everybody really appreciates it, I’ll tell you.

Your gifts help people like Danny access food, shelter, affordable housing, find employment, and so much more. To help more people who are homeless in Kelowna, please give today.

Last Season at Kelowna’s Gospel Mission...

Summer activities at Kelowna’s Gospel Mission. Thank you to everyone who gave their time or donated to make this summer a tremendous success!


Meet the Castanet Crew...

Donors and volunteers are the heart of Kelowna’s Gospel Mission, and this spring a crew of eager volunteers from Castanet became the 23rd team to join our 40 for 40 campaign!

Castanet staff prepared 200 meals of chicken souvlaki with rice, greek salad, tzatziki and buns.

“We are happy to use our reach in the community to encourage others to take up this worthy cause,” Jon Manchester from Castanet said.

Thank you to everyone at Castanet who volunteered! And our heartfelt thanks to YOU for giving so that more people in Kelowna can turn homelessness into wholeness and experience healing.

Consider donating today.