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2018 – 2019

A Message from Randy & Bob

It’s been an amazing year of transformation for the people we serve at Kelowna’s Gospel Mission. We are so grateful to all of our supporters. It’s all possible thanks to you!

Your gifts help us serve the greater community in so many ways. Our dental clinic offers low-cost services to people who would not otherwise be able to access dental care. Harmony House continues to provide safety for women in crisis, helping them move away from cycles of poverty and addiction, and towards wholeness. The Thrift Store helps people who are in need by giving them the basic items they require to create a fresh start. We also use many of the donations for our daily needs at the shelter, such as bedding, towels, dishes, and clothing. There’s so much more than we can share today!

As you read this Annual Report, we hope you’ll see what a huge difference your gifts are making. This Christmas, please join us to share hope and joy with people in our community who are struggling.

  • Randy Benson Executive Director
  • Bob Evans Board Chair

2018 - 2019 Year in Review

Thank you for making it all possible!

Your gifts are transforming lives! Thank you to all of our generous supporters for another year of bringing hope and transformation to people who need it most. The services we provide are only possible with your help, and that’s why it is so important to us to be transparent and accountable with you. Every dollar you’ve entrusted to Kelowna’s Gospel Mission has been put to good use, helping those who need it most. Here is what you helped make possible last year…



Grateful to be Alive

“I had just shot up in a downtown alley. This overwhelming presence came to me and said run. I ran around the corner right onto Leon Avenue. And that’s when my heart stopped…

When Aaron started to experiment with drugs, he had no idea how destructive the path he was on would become. “I was living on the streets and my life revolved around doing mass amounts of drugs,” says Aaron.

Aaron’s parents wanted desperately to help their son. When they heard about Kelowna’s Gospel Mission, they loaded Aaron into the car, made the two-and-a-half-hour drive from Grand Forks to Kelowna, and dropped him off at the shelter. At this point, all they could do was pray for his recovery and wellbeing.

While staying in the shelter, Aaron quickly discovered that everyone at Kelowna’s Gospel Mission was genuinely rooting for him. He was assigned a Case Worker who helped him get into a local recovery program called Freedom’s Door. After 30 days in recovery, his mind and body felt stronger than they had been in years.

But before long, the pressure of drug activity around him was too much, and Aaron relapsed—only this time, it nearly ended in death.

“I had just shot up in a downtown alley. This overwhelming presence came to me and said run. I ran around the corner right onto Leon Avenue. And that’s when my heart stopped,” says Aaron. “If I hadn’t run, I would’ve been alone in an alley and I would be dead. I believe that was God’s hand at work.”

This encounter woke Aaron up in a way he had never experienced before. “I realized either I’m going to my death, or I have to choose life,” says Aaron. “I chose to live.”

“The staff at Kelowna’s Gospel Mission became so dear to my heart. They encouraged me to grow and helped mold me into the person I am today,” says Aaron. “If it wasn’t for God I would not be alive right now.”

Not only did Aaron make a full recovery from his addiction, but he completely transformed his life.

Today, Aaron works hard to give back to the community and help others. He has a job working at Freedom’s Door helping others through their recovery.

 “When I meet someone who has hit their rock bottom, I always say ‘Have faith in yourself and God, and you can do it.’ If I can do it, anybody can.”


Share Hope and Joy

With help from our generous donors, on December 21st, we will welcome hundreds of guests in for a festive Christmas Dinner. Plates will be piled high with turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, ham, mashed potatoes, veggies and delicious dessert.

For people who are experiencing homelessness or addiction, this Christmas meal represents an opportunity to reconnect with friends, feel the warmth of community and join in a season of celebration.

We need your help to ensure that everyone in need receives a hot meal and a special Christmas experience. Please give generously!



Consider donating today.